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Best Coast Comes to the Gulf Coast


New Orleans is definitely not known for its beautiful beaches and rolling waves where people chill out to the sounds of the ocean surfing until dark. But this is no reason to omit its residents to the current fad of Surfer rock.

At the House of Blues Wednesday January 26, California natives Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno, who are better recognized as the band Best Coast, hosted an evening of Cali-friendly music with support from Wavves and No Joy. Best Coast historically has had a number of different drummers and currently has Ali Koehler on the skins.

Best Coast performs Surf Music or Surf Rock which is unique to other genres as it is identified through the crowd more so than the music. Essentially, as made famous by the Beach Boys, Surf Rock is the type of music that fits the mood when hanging by the beach watching the surfers. This type of music tends to be heavy on reverb with lo-fi sound.

Surprisingly, Surf Rock has made a resurgence in the past year and can be heard and scene through many outlets and festivals throughout America. However, today’s surf rock is much darker and indie than the happy swaying tunes of the 1950’s.

Wavves kicked off the show with a raging performance. They were much more distorted and had a raw sound where as other bands are more muddled in their sound.

The crowd was decently large considering it being a Wednesday night and had the prototypical concertgoers arranged in a wave format. The hard core true fans were moving the whole time in the front row where as just behind them were those who were there for the scene and bopping their heads all the way to the outer rims of people who just were unsure how to handle themselves.

During the performance the band would take frequent breaks to rap with the audience and you can tell that although it was another day in the office on their huge tour through America and parts of Canada that they showed their personalities on stage. With a giant vomiting cat as the backdrop, a cat on the bassdrum, and her showing us her toy cat during the show, it was clear that they were about having fun and enjoying themselves.

At one time a member of the audience had said it was quiet where Cosentino simply replied, “We are just not that type of band.”

She was right. Although impressive and true to the genre of surf music, as heard through their hit single “Boyfriend” this may not be the type of show where the average Joe will need a two hour pregame to prepare for.

The set lasted about an hour, which was plenty of time to enjoy the performance. Overall checking them out would be highly recommended, at the next festival or concert opportunity near you, just make sure to bring your shades and get ready to kick back.

By Danny Goodman

Photos by Max Rasche