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Ben Harper and Relentless7’s “Fly One Time”

Song Of The Day

Song: Fly One Time

Artist: Ben Harper and Relentless7

Ben Harper is amazing.  He has his hand in a numerous amount of musical endeavors including and not limited to his solo career, the Innocent Criminals, the Blind Boys of Alabama, Fistful of Mercy and the group that brings us our Song of the Day: Ben Harper and Relentless7.

The song, ‘Fly One Time’, comes off the band’s debut album White Lies for Dark Times, released in May of 2009.  ‘Fly One Time’ was released as the band’s second single.  Harper was interviewed with Spinner after the song’s release and stated it is about, “taking a risk, not allowing complacency to step in as a daily ritual.  It’s really about stepping out of your life and stepping to it.”

The song is definitely inspirational, backed with a moving beat to feed on the theme of pushing forward.  Check out the video—it features footage of famous athletes doing what they do best.

Here’s to taking the road less travelled and embracing discomfort in order to be the person you should be.  The idea of stepping outside of yourself is so freeing.  It is fear that will stop us, “and now you’re caught in between what you can’t leave behind and what you may, what we may never find.  So fly, so fly one time.”

By Natalie Kontur