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Beck Hansen

Beck’s “I Won’t Be Long”

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Happy Birthday Beck! The man of a thousand genres and sounds, Beck Hansen, turns 42 today. So of course we’ve got to celebrate by featuring his latest song, “I Won’t Be Long” as Song of the Day. Listen to this great song that feels like a return to form of sorts, sounding somewhere between the quiet and mid-tempo moments of ‘Modern Guilt’ and ‘The Information.’

Beck’s “I Won’t Be Long”

Considering it’s been since 2008 that he’s released a proper album, this is a sound for sore ears, if you catch my meaning. “Defriended” was a great song but felt much more experimental and new for Beck while this song has the feel of classic Beck (if he even has a classic sound exactly). Not that he’s been lazy. He’s been busy jamming with friends recording cover albums and releasing a sheet music album.Let’s just hope he’s ready to release a full album of material soon because if this song is any indication, he’s still got plenty of great music to give the world.

Written By Jarad Matula

OurVinyl | Senior Writer