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Beck’s “Defriended”

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Beck recently announced that he is, independently, working on two new albums (yay!). In support of this wonderful news (it will be his first release since 2008’s magnificent Modern Guilt) Beck has released the track “Defriended”, even though apparently it will not be within either of the upcoming releases.

“Defriended” is a fun little psychedelic rock number. In time, but spattering, drums are heard throughout – but they aren’t quite holding the beat. There are sounds floating in and out of the stereo field. There is a synth that sounds like a mini-organ on acid. And Beck’s vocals that sit in the background, verbed out, and while they are a focus of the song – not much is said.

It’s almost like a practice is making repetition sound surprising and hallucinatory, which isn’t easy to do. But Beck seems to have done this, and done so successfully. Either way, it’s exciting that he is once again making music!

Beck’s “Defriended”