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Beats Antique: I Got (Remix)

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Beats Antique I Got RemixSong: I Got (Remix)
Band: Beats Antique
Album: Blind Threshold

This song, a Beats Antique remix, has all of the bass-packed eastern flavor of the trio, but is originally by Mix N Blend & Narch. The spooky piano, wood winds, and brass intro to this song put the “antique” in Beats Antique. About a minute in, the electronics kick in and Sidecar Tommy brings the beats. The booming brass, screeching oboe and thick bass drum don’t necessarily blend into each other, rather maintaining their separate but complimentary layers.

Beats Antique’s music, arranged by belly dancer Zoe Jakes, is made for dancing and you won’t be able to resist a little bit of rump shaking to this tune. The little-explored blend of electronic and middle easters/world music will make you look cultured, but trying to emulate Zoe’s moves probably won’t (attempt belly dancing at your own risk of embarrassment). The trio has been touring almost constantly for the past year, so check them out live and maybe you can ask her for some pointers.

Mix n Blend & Narch – I Got… (Beats Antique Remix) by mixnblend