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Beats Antique’ @ The Fillmore, San Francisco – Concert Review

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This past weekend Beats Antique ended a busy a tour at The Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, CA. Playing to their home crowd, the band played a two-night stand to a sold out venue each night. Although the members of the band are not all from the Bay Area, they proudly call it home and ended it in a picturesque and memorable fashion.

Beats Antique is a two-piece band when it comes to the music, but as the act can take up the entire stage, their concerts are more of a show than a performance. Their music takes global influences with an electronic and slow paced rhythm to round out their unique sound. Accompanying the middle-eastern dub is an array of belly dancers that move in synchronizing sexy choreographs. The main dancer is Zoe Jakes, who kick-started the group when she needed a soundtrack to her dancing. Later on, David Satori and Tommy Capel joined the team and from there, the progression into a regular attraction began.

Beats Antique’s “Beauty Beats”

beats antiqueThe music is impressive, lending its influence from around the world. There is most certainly a modern theme to the tunes, usually dropping in deep bass lines or keeping a steady drumbeat. However, the draw to the act is more than music. The band boasts a stellar light show that goes perfectly with the motif of the music and the vision of Jakes. Additionally, they have a unique screen set behind the stage that produces out-of-the world lives graphics. In one scene there is a haunted house and a minute later you find yourself in a carnival.

The crowd was also unique with people dressed as if they were performing on stage themselves. As you look around the room, one can observe what looks to be a mesh between 50’s ragtime faithful and a character from the Arabian nights.

The show was well balanced as well as their polished tunes. The arc of entertainment started steadily and then ramped up to a four on the floor dance party before whittling away to their oldest and most popular tracks. Beats Antique has built its brand to not only a staple in the live music scene, but an act that continues to impress and draw a truly unique experience.

Written by Danny Goodman

OurVinyl | Senior Writer