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beastie boys intergalactic

Beastie Boys : Intergalactic

Song Of The Day

beastie boys intergalactic

Artist: Beastie Boys
Song: Intergalactic
Album: Hello Nasty

The eclectic group that started off as a punk rock band had evolved into a hip-hop and, for lack of a better word, strange group. Intergalactic has a unique sound that pervades and even seems commonplace in today’s genre of developing music. Surprisingly enough it debuted in 1998 off the Hello Nasty album and has refused to leave my playlist of “gettin weird.” Although the song doesn’t quite fit into such genres of dubstep , electronica and hip-hop, I’ve set aside a special place under space rock, where the song sits well at home.

The lyrical styling as well as the deep bass tonality combines in such a way that a hip hop/electronic audience and even earth born martians would enjoy the song thoroughly. The complimentary Godzilla parody music video further emphasizes their wickedness in destroying natural order and developing music that so many and so few can relate to.

In honor of the late Adam Yauch, the trio from New York City will forever remain in a very weird, but special place deep within the confines of some organ hidden in my chest cavity (my right lung).

Beastie Boys – Intergalactic by kreativite*

Written By:
Danny Srisawasdi | Contributor