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Bear In Heaven’s LP ‘I love You, It’s Cool’

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The third offering from Brooklyn’s beloved experimental electro-rock band Bear In Heaven feels less like an album and more like the soundtrack to an explosive night out- one marked by unexpected alchemy that transcends from just another night to one not to be forgotten…if only you remembered it. It is more atmospheric than Beast Rest Forth Mouth, and shows a continuation on the group’s trend to consistently, though maybe not purposefully, make more dance-friendly tunes. Not that anything about Bear In Heaven sounds planned- the band’s effortless and subtle approach is one of the reasons the music works so well.

The album technically has been out now for almost four months on the band’s website…sort of.  It was slowed down to about 400,000%, which meant that if the album started playing when it dropped online in December there would have been exactly enough time to listen to the whole thing once by midnight the day before the actual album was released, April 3rd. While it drove some crazy, it certainly made the album even more highly anticipated.

Bear In Heaven’s Kiss Me Crazy

Idle Heart, which starts the album, is super slick and polished with lots of ambient warmth and a melody that sighs right along with singer Jon Philpot. This is the beginning of the evening- when everything is still perfectly in place, before the night’s anarchy takes over.

In The Reflection of You, the album’s first single, Philpot’s voice softly nudges the listener forward into the night, out of the predictable club and into an extraterrestrial lair of light and sound. “If you come dance with me, I think you will like my moves,” he sings. “If you get next to me, I will have nothing left to prove.”

Kiss Me Crazy drops midway into the album. As the beat fades into the listener’s peripheral, it’s the same drama of a classic club tracks plus the endless, inescapable atmospheric embrace that Bear In Heaven creates so successfully. It’s a safe bet Kiss Me Crazy will be the second single off the album.

Warm Water feels more like a cool down as the night spins a little out of control, but Space Remains pulls the energy right back up with a Space Invaders vibe that gels perfectly with Philpot’s soft vocals. A heavy beat keeps the cacophonous sounds grounded but just enough, upholding the feeling of controlled chaos.

Bear In Heaven specialize in this very thing- barely reigning in a very complex and overstimulated sound in a way that makes its surroundings completely absorb it. It might even go unnoticed at times- but if the music stopped, so might the magic night it created, along with the electric sugarplum visions it conjured.

Luckily, the band is in the middle of an ambitious U.S. and Canadian tour, followed immediately by a good portion of Europe through June. For dates near you, check out their calendar.

Written by Nicole Banister

OurVinyl Contributor

Below is the official video for Reflection of You