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Baxter Dury

Baxter Dury’s “Cocaine Man”

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Son of Ian Dury (Ian Dury and the Blockheads), Baxter Dury is an English Indie musician with an individual and almost miscellaneous sound. Signed by Rough Trade records, Baxter shows that musical talent cleary runs in the family, however diverges from the music his father made. The Album ‘Floor Show’ was released in 2005; a dark and woozy sounding record, with intelligent lyrics and deep instrumental atmosphere throughout.

Dury’s vocals often sound despondent; however his soft voice and English charm can still be seen shining through on the chorus to song Cocaine Man. A melancholy song with a heavy bass beat that hits you right in your core. Cocaine Man is a groovy yet strange song which sounds like it could the kind of music Joy Division may have gone on to write. It is an exemplification of Dury’s original dark indie sound on Floor Show. Anyone looking for new fuel to the fire of our never ending teenage angst will enjoy listening to Dury’s genius in Cocaine Man and Floor Show.

Written by:
Rhiannon Drew | Our Vinyl Contributor