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Baths’ “Miasma Sky”

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Baths broke into the beat scene with more momentum than most DJs can muster in an entire career when he released his debut Cerulean three years ago. The essence of Baths can be summarized as a decidedly more positive sounding falsetto than others who employ the eunuch like singing technique, but also his inimitable beat sensibility that beautifully merges the nostalgic with MDMA infused danceability. This new track, the lead single on the upcoming May release Obsidian meanders of darker territory and has a much more overt sexiness as compared to the innocence of Cerulean. Loving the Oriental plucked strings and chiptunes style verse changes, just an excellent ear. Listen to ‘Miasma Sky’ below to see what this guy’s all about.

Written by Case Newsom

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Baths DJ “Miasma Sky”