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Bassnectar & Bass Heads Shake the LC

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The sold out crowd was nearly as impressive as the show itself; throwing down hard the entire show, they only had one speed- “GO!”  The anticipation for Thursday’s show was enough to shake the ground the LC was built on, so when the man behind the bass, Lorin Ashton, took the stage, he was full speed ahead as well. He led the crowd, long dark hair swinging, silhouetted against a huge video screen in front of a sea of hands thrown into the air and moving to the beat.

From  a slew of new songs and samples, to the massive videos projected on a screen as well as Lorin’s table, the show was fresh and new in a lot of ways. But considering that Bassnectar hasn’t played in Columbus in the last two years, if ever, even old songs got the crowd wild. Lorin only teased the crowd with a short sample of last year’s hit “Bass Head”, but the fans lost their heads when he played his 2009 remix of “Where Is My Mind”.

There are no limits to how much each song can be mixed, remixed, tweaked, and dubbed, so even when Lorin would play a song from years ago, it could sound brand new. The primary difference between his newer music and older materials is the message. Many of his older songs, which he didn’t play such as “Not In Our Name”, were more blatantly political. His newer material is a lot more womping bass and building peaks, but he is still trying to send the same message (perhaps not as explicitly). The videos he projected went from frenzied lights to footage of riots and uprising, as well as mockeries of the consumerism that is the basis of American culture.

His general attitude about shows and the music is an intentional one; on his blog he said “I care a *LOT* about the quality of experience at a Bassnectar show”, and through his website he converses with fans about what they want and what they think. It’s a unique back-and-forth that many fans don’t get to experience with their favorite artists, and the connection could be felt through the entire show.

Though he didn’t make it to Columbus during either his 2009 Cozza Frenzy or 2010 Timestretch tours, Bassnectar should bank on making it back through Columbus ASAP. With people paying up to $100 (or more) for tickets to the sold out party, he should be coming here 4 times a year, (or busting down on scalpers…) Bassnectar will be pleasing bass heads at Wakarusa, Electric Forest, The Hangout Festival  Re:Generation, Bonnaroo, AND Camp Bisco this summer. If you find yourself at one of these fests, follow the bass.

Written by Meghan Bender

Photos by Brian Hockensmith; Check out the rest of the gallery here.