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Baroness’ ‘Yellow and Green’ Album Review

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After three years of touring, writing and recording, the double albumYellow and Greenfrom the Savannah-based prog-rock/metal group, Baroness is finally available, and gaining rave reviews for the band. This is Baroness’ third release, and being a double album, technically one album is “Yellow” and the second is called “Green”.  The band’s earlier offerings also had color themed titles, “Red” and “Blue”, so the band continues on with the color theme.

The “Yellow” album begins with a brief instrumental, called appropriately the Yellow Theme, and then launches into the pounding track Take My Bones Away, which is also the first single off of the album. Bones is a very strong track, which shows off the hard edged metal sound of the band, and how effortlessly they work in melodic riffs to the harder sound.

The second disc, “Green”, begins similar to the “Yellow” side with the song, Green Theme. The song starts slowly and very thematic before suddenly bursting into a startling and invigorating blend of metal and melody. The contrast between the stately march and the heavy parts creates a truly triumphal feeling.

Baroness’ Little Things

Baronness Yellow and Green album reviewA few tracks on the album have more of a classic rock feel to them, like Board Up the House, Mtn. (The Crown and Anchor) and tracks like Little Things have an almost power ballad quality to them that make them instantly radio friendly.

All the songs on both “Yellow” and “Green” make great use of effects to build atmosphere and structure for the vocals. Much of the instrumental work is stellar, as can be heard on tracks like Stretchmarker, and If I Forget Thee, Low Country.

There are 18 songs and over 70 minutes of music available on either two CD’s or two LP’s. For more details on the band, the album and their tour, click over to

Written by Christina Lawler

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