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Band of Horses’ “The Funeral”

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Artist -Band of Horses

Song- The Funeral

Album- Everything All the Time

Band of horses formed in 2004 and their first full length album Everything All the Time was recorded in 2005. The first single released off this album was “The Funeral” which has grown legs as a song commonly used in television, films, video games, and ads. In August of 2009 Pitchfork named the song the 67th greatest song of the 2000s. The song takes an uplifting approach to such a melancholy scenario. The singer, Ben Bridwell, who has been compared to Jim James and Wayne Coyne uses a brilliant double meaning in the line “Morning to wake you; it’s all we got”. “Mourning” and “a wake” are both synonymous with funerals but in this context aren’t used that way. In an interview Bridwell admitted that the song actually really wasn’t as deep as most have interpreted it to be. He stated it was really about dreading his birthday and Christmas, where there is so much pressure to please, impress, get gifts, pretend to be excited and get together for dinner. He likened the idea of these occasions to funerals. Whatever the meaning, the song is moving and can really trigger a reflective state. Most recently Kid Cudi has sampled the song in “The Prayer”.

By James Sobie