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Balam Acab’s “See Birds”

Song Of The Day

Today is the last day of our chillwave genre themed week for our songs of the day. Today’s song is Balam Acab‘s “See Birds”. Let’s end the week on a strong and energetic chillwave styled song, not everything within this genre needs to imply a melancholy mood, i.e. this song. With a thickly gyrating backbone of a beat, and bouncing synth lines that hop along, it’s the vocals and the tempo that put this number into the genre it rests. But with the reverbed floating vocals, and the resistance to emerge into an all out dance tempo – even though energy is implied – is what showcases this number as a great chillwave number.

So while this song almost rests within two genres at once, it applies well to tonight as people all around the country dress up and show another side of themselves. Happy halloween everyone! Enjoy the song…

Balam Acab – See Birds by figurehead blog