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Song Of The Day

Song: “Camel”

BADBADNOTGOOD have stomped into the hip hop scene just this year, and refuse to be denied attention.

While plenty of past hip hop legends have used jazz for sampling and influence in their productions, very few, if any, jazz legends have done the same with hip hop. That is, until now. BADBADNOTGOOD, a little known jazz trio, have been incorporating hip hop into their jams as of late, and plenty of leaders in the industry are starting to take notice.

Take Tyler, the Creator, for example, who has recently heard of the band playing his songs live and has shown interest in colaborating. Or Flying Lotus, one of the acclaimed kings of this generation’s hip hop, providing beats to work with like the one BADBADNOTGOOD performs here, a cover off of FlyLo’s smash hit album, Los Angeles. At this rate, it might not be long before you actually hear this jazz fusion aired on your college campus’ radio station, if not commercial radio. Make sure you can say you heard them first.

Written by Dean Goranites