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bad weather california when you smile

Bad Weather California: When You Smile

Song Of The Day

bad weather california when you smileArtist: Bad Weather California
Song: “When You Smile”
Album: Sunkissed

When the simplicity of Bad Weather California hits you, it is likely that you will already be childishly spinning around with your arms projected like airplane wings. At a time when there’s so much desire to be different, a band like BWC releases something so familiar it’s comforting. In their first full-length release since 2007, the Denver pop quartet mash psyche/punk/surf with elements of classic songwriting to form an effortless flow of solace.

While the record is able to invoke the same lethargic carefree essence of a summer’s day, there’s a real feel of purpose that runs through it. At their web site, once you navigate yourself through the epileptic flashings and whispers of viruses, BWC self-proclaims this as “street level music”.  The songs on the record can be stripped down to their infancy and still retain mood-changing and infectious components. “When You Smile” will pull you in from the start, and you’ll find yourself banging away on whatever surface is in front of you while becoming transfixed on a melodic journey along a wavelength of rhythm. As the vocals delicately enter the frame, the lyrics almost instantly define those flickering moments of bliss where contentment outweighs curiosity.



While the song trundles along and your mind wanders to euphoria, Bad Weather California’s rock spirit is revealed in a thrashing, yet, beautiful fashion. You become reminded of the band’s versatility and alternate roots, and for a moment, there is an unsure direction. And just like packing up from a day at the beach amongst the orange haze of dawn, the song ends. But unlike a day’s end, you need only to pick up the needle and give it another spin.

Written By:
Matt Woodford | Contributor