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Bad Religion: “The Resist Stance”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Bad Religion
Song: ”The Resist Stance”
Album: The Dissent of Man

Having a holiday in the middle of the week, while exciting, can be a bit jarring to a person’s routine. Here’s a fantastic punk track from Bad Religion to get your blood pumping this afternoon to get you through until quitting time.

Taken from their latest album, The Dissent of Man, the track is proof of why this 30 years young punk band is still as vicious and relevant as they’ve ever band. The pace is breakneck, the guitars are searing and the vocals are layered and downright beautiful. Of course the lyrical content is on par for the band and genre–it’s a potent mixture of defiance and positivity nestled into a clever wordplay in the chorus and title.


Lead singer Greg Graffin urges us to question authority and to take stand. If only politicians could be so uplifting and inspirational there probably wouldn’t be a need for hundreds of millions of dollars for an election campaign. During the week of Independence Day, there’s no better message one could listen to. These are the words of a patriot in the purest sense of the idea. How else would we have this nation today if our founding fathers didn’t question authority and take a stand?

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer