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Bad Rabbits: “Stick Up Kids”

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The funky guitar riff, catchy synthesizer rhythm, bouncy bass line, grooving drum beat, and smooth vocals make it impossible to stand still when listening to Bad Rabbit’s song “Stick Up Kids.” It feels like a funk song from way back in the day, but with a modern twist they’re keeping it cool for today’s listeners.

The song starts off with a slightly punk feel, but there’s definitely a groovy feel to it. All of the sudden the drums and bass come thundering in with a driving rhythm that would make any funk fan proud. The song keeps this high caliber, hip instrumental going throughout as the catchy lyrics have listeners singing and dancing along to the music without even realizing it.

Natives of Boston, Bad Rabbits haven’t been on the music scene very long, but are already making quite the statement. They just finished touring with both widely popular bands Taking Back Sunday and the Maine, where they were extremely well received by audiences. This summer they also toured with Vans Warped Tour, and quickly became known as a hidden gem in the lineup.

STICK UP KIDS by Bad Rabbits

Bad Rabbits have a special sound, which is rare to find anymore. They have a style that can appeal to both the funk fans of earlier days and the more modern listeners.

Written By:
Denny Ganahl