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BOTR - September 2011

September 2011

Back Of The Rack

As word gets out about what we are doing here at Our Vinyl, this whole “Back of the Rack” idea is turning into an amazing thing. Word is spreading and we are getting submissions to some amazing artists from all over the world. The styles of new music are really starting to expand as well. Hopefully this will translate into BotR releases that you, the reader, truly look forward to and enjoy when they are released.

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This is still a relatively new project as this is just our third release. Yet, based on the volume and quality of the submissions, we have gone from 6 tracks in our first release, to 10 last month, to 12 for September. We think 12 will be our cap for any month as going bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better (no comments ladies). With this release, you will see that we have touched upon styles of music we have not opened up to before. Hopefully we will continue to receive high quality submissions from wide ranging styles so you can enjoy it all. In listening to the tracks together and seeing this release as a whole, there is a common denominator in just about all of these songs. They will get you off your feet. It is possible, this will be dubbed as “the dance album” from OV.

If you find a particular artist in this release that you really like, please support them. They could use all of the promotion and backing they can find. As we have said before, spread the love for these musicians. Go see them if they are in your town, buy some merch or their album! Help them continue to give the world great music.

Ladies and gentlemen, your “Back of the Rack” September 2011 artists…

I Am Apollo – When the Shine’s Off
Location: Sydney, Australia
Genre: Rock/Pop
Members: Jeremy, George, Pete, Grant, Daniel, Mitchell
Ambassador: Claire Sundin

The boys from down under have a very catchy tune here. Everything about the band and their sound is retro, but not necessarily old. The sound is reminiscent, but fresh. In listening to more than just this one track, it is obvious that I Am Apollo has figured out the formula in creating a hook. Remember this band. You will be hearing more from them.


Wendy – Kansas City
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Indie/Pop
Members: Joe Giuffrida, Laura Bickhart, Alex Smith, Jason Termini, Ross Robey

Wendy the band have found lightning in a bottle with their song “Kansas City,” a track that could easily be playing on any new rock station in the country. The combined vocals of Giuffrida and Bickhart work extremely well and the band as a whole works very well together. As Summer draws to a close, this is one track worth listening to as you hit the beach one last time.


Argotec – Inertia
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Genre: Urban, Hip-Hop
Members: Alex Argot, Rich Courage

The first of two songs that stretch OV into the hip-hop world, “Inertia” can only be called dirty. The electronic beats are heavy, nasty and unlike anything you are listening to right now. To steal a phrase from their Facebook page, “Argotec is an experiment in sound.” They bend genres and expand on styles without missing a beat. Glitch Mob fans take note. Your next favorite act is right here.


beckbeat – Sunshine
Location: Vienna, Austria
Genre: Electro/Disco/Funk
Members: Georg “beckbeat” Beck, Rue Kostron, Valentin Oman, Nico Stoessl, Carl Avory

A band like beckbeat is the very reason why we have created “Back of the Rack.” Very few, if any of our American readers would ever find a funk band from Vienna. Georg Beck, the mind behind the madness here is a studio musician that decided to create his own music and give it away. He brought together other studio musicians and lead singer, Brit Carl Avory who also fronts the band RAMON. What you have here is extremely tight musicianship, a retro funk beat and a great tune.


Trojan Horse – Hold On…She Said
Location: London, UK
Genre: Alternative/Rock/Indie
Members: Troy Henderson, Ben Hayes, Ben Ramster, Miguel Angel Serna

The brainchild of Aussie Troy Henderson, Trojan Horse conjures up images of early Brit punk rock bands filled with basic skills and much angst and energy. Give a listen to the entire album Wolfe and you will see them expand with more pop and acoustic tunes, but this one must be a crowd pleaser at the live show.


Vasudeva – Flawless Architect
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Genre: Organic Trance/Experimental
Members: Chris Ratay, Derek Broomhead, Grant Mayer, Corey Mastrangelo

Vasudeva (VAH-SOO-DE’-VAH) is our second band from Brooklyn and first foray into the instrumental, experimental world. This band would fit in perfectly at any of the numerous “jam band” festivals each summer. “Flawless Architect” is reminiscent in style many of the extended jams you get from any of those acts. The skills are there, the music upbeat and fun.


The Fractures – Brixton Animal (Fade Out)
Location: London, UK
Genre: ‘Druggy, britpoppy, drenched in london’
Members: Freddie Murray, Matt Gwyer, Harry Adams, Gary Southwell

Our second band from the area, The Fractures are “drenched in London.” This quartet is reminiscent of The Strokes, while a fan recently compared “Brixton Animal (Fade Out)” to Suede. They are drawing crowds to the live shows and this song most definitely must be a crowd pleaser.


twelve a.m. flowers – Empire Crush
Location: New York, NY
Genre: Alternative/Pop
Members: Kevin McGinnis, Anders Kapur, Russ Fink, Kevin March

Twelve a.m. flowers has been recognized as disciples of the Jeff Buckley era. The suggestions make sense on some level. However, there’s more to this band. “Empire Crush” has the makings of a great tune; strong lyrics, hooky chorus, catchy beat and an extremely effective use of strings.


The Werks – G-Funk (live featuring Johnny Neel)
Location: Dayton, OH
Genre: Psychedelic/Dance/Funk/Rock/Improv
Members: Aaron Armstrong, Rob Chafin, Norman Dimitrouleas, Chris Houser

Jam band fans rejoice!!! The Werks got the funk and we all get to enjoy as the track we have is a small sample of what they do regularly. If you do not like funky grooves played out over extended jams with strong musicians doing their thing, then move on. The influences of all the “jam-band” greats are here if you listen. The Werks have made it all their own.  In this particular track are preforming with the great Johnny Neel of the epic Allman Brothers Band.


Audio Runner – By Your Side
Location: Houston, TX
Genre: Electronica
Members: Gerritt Tisdale, Ryan Daniel, Andy Gonzalez
Ambassador: Arianna Mercedes Soto
This “Rocktronic” trio from Houston has brought another great song to the table for BotR. The beats are similar to those found in many Jamiroquai tracks. They use a mix of electronic, hip-hop, funk and rock-n-roll in their music. The band has developed a strong following and offer their music for free as their mantra is “be creative, be free of boundaries, and constantly be sharing.”


Emancipator – Black Lake
Location: Portland, OR
Genre: Electronica/Trip-Hop
Members: Doug Appling

With our second instrumental track, Emancipator provides a trippy, but mellow backdrop slightly reminiscent of Enigma from years back. His ability to layer both electronic and organic samples is seamless and the drum track is contagious. This track is multi-layered, in that with each listen, you pick up a new sound or sample mixed in.


Rebelution – Safe and Sound (Zion-I Remix)
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Genre: Reggae/Rock
Members: Eric Rachmany, Rory Carey, Wesley Finley, Marley Williams

We normally do not separate one song out as an editor’s pick, but this song and this band are special. For the first time, each member of the voting committee chose this track as #1. The laid back reggae beat is yet another opportunity to not sit still. This band has worked hard to build their sound over the last seven years and it shows. In 2010, they played Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and the Austin City Limits festivals. While this track has a decided hip-hop feel with the re-mix, the band has utilized horns and other sounds to develop their specific reggae sound.


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