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BOTR - October 2011

October 2011

Back Of The Rack

Welcome back to the fourth edition of “Back of the Rack.” It has been amazing ride so far, and it is guaranteed to just get better as the word gets out about what we are doing here at Our Vinyl. We have gotten amazing submissions of brand-spankin new music from the bands, their fans, the labels and our readers. Please keep them coming. We are always accepting submissions for BotR as production is constant on this feature. So keep spreading the word and keep enjoying these great musicians and artists.

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For the October release, we received submissions from a wide variety of genres and from 5 continents. We narrowed it down to 22 finalists and the BotR voting committee voted to see who would make this month’s release. We had such a logjam that some very deserving bands have been left off this month’s edition of BotR. Please do not despair, as I am sure we will be seeing them in the next few months.

Please remember that these bands and artists all need our help. Please support them. Check out their websites, listen to their other tunes and spread the word. They are just as passionate about what they do as are we in helping them realize their dreams.

And with that, your October, 2011 BotR artists:

Mighty Mystic – Revolution
Location: Jamaica
Genre: Reggae
Members: Mighty Mystic

Born Kevin Mark Holness in Jamaica, Mighty Mystic has already shared the stage with such names as Toots & the Maytals, Steel Pulse, Damien Marley & Buju Banton. Off of his 2010 debut release Wake Up the World, “Revolution” follows the same trail as these legends in creating an amazing rhythm and tune in which to expose social injustices. Mystic has the perfect gritty voice and gives just enough “love” with his call to “make a stand.”


Volkova Sisters – Black Mountain
Location: Hungary
Genre: Electronic Shoegaze
Members: Daniel Sandor, Dalma Berger, Gergely Kovacs

From the Hungarian underground scene (I’m sure you know all about that), this trio took this year’s SXSW festival by storm and has been creating quite the buzz. From underground warehouse parties in Los Angeles to some of the biggest clubs in Europe, Volkova Sisters are building up quite a following of their “European Cold-Wave” style.


Save the Clocktower – Drip
Location: Chicago, IL
Genre: Pop/Electronic
Members: Greg Newton, Sean Paras, Jimmy Shenk

Off their second release, Carousel, “Drip” is a perfect example of the dreamy electro-pop that has helped them develop a strong fanbase in the Windy City. The band uses a combination of both electronic and organic instrumentation, while layering in solid vocal harmonies and the type of musical hook that will play in your head for days.


Sidney York – Dick & Jane
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Genre: Indie Avant-Pop
Members: Sidney York

You will swear you have heard this song in an iPod or Volkswagen commercial. It has that perfect “different” sound that Apple has been notorious for using in their commercials since they started producing the mp3 player. Sidney York, aka Brandi Sidoryk, is a self-professed “band-geek” that plays the guitar, ukulele, keyboard, French horn and has the type of velvety voice you can just bathe in. This track is much more up-tempo and features her musical abilities, check out her other stuff and fall in love immediately.


Casltecomer – Butterfly & the Blade
Location: Sydney, Australia
Genre: Indie/Pop
Members: Bede, Tom, Joe, Neely, Pat

These boys from down under have a knack for creating toe tapping, up-tempo tunes that surprise you and hold you until you find yourself humming the tune days later in an elevator all by yourself (or was that just me?). This tune is bound to put you in a good mood and make you want to go find out what else these guys can do. What you will find is amazing 5–piece harmonies, solid pop sensibilities and a wicked sense of humor. Do yourself a favor. Go look.


Sovroncourt – Requiem
Location: Columbus, OH
Genre: Lo-Fi/Croak Folk
Members: Cameron Sharp

It says on sovroncourt’s website that he “plays a peculiar brand of folk, with a voice that might rub you the wrong way at first, but with time, will feel like the softened grooves.” Nail. Head. The first time I listened to this song, I could not understand how we could put it on BotR. I listened again…and again…one more time. It started to grow on me. It is most certainly different than anything else we have this month. It is pure, raw and organic right down to the instruments. You will love or hate this track. Give it more than one listen though. At the very least, try and figure out just what the heck is going on here (you will understand after a listen or two).


Paul Goodwin – This Place Is Dead Anyway
Location: Cambridge, England
Genre: Acoustic/Folk
Members: Paul Goodwin

Paul Goodwin is one of those Brit-folkers that can paint quite a picture of love, life and the pub. With a voice like Billy Bragg and a rare full band touch on this track, we have a beer drinking song if there ever was one. It has a hint of early Springsteen here and some up-tempo Dylan there (with harmonica). So tip’em back boys and sing along.


Tribal Seeds – Sound Waves
Location: San Diego, CA
Genre: Reggae/Roots/Rock
Members: Steve Rene Jacobo, Tony-Ray Jacobo, Tony Navarro, Carlos Verdugo, Jose Rodriguez, Victor Navarro

This is not your average BotR band. Creating positive-vibe roots reggae southern Cali-style, Tribal Seeds have already accomplished so much. The release of their July, 2011 EP Soundwaves hit #2 on the Billboard reggae charts. They hit the road on a 25 date national tour this fall. Tribal Seeds has infused SoCA into 21st century reggae in a way that is just…That. Damn. Good.


Ink Project – Rewind Foreward Replay
Location: London, England
Genre: Electronic/Alternative/Soul
Members: Melanie Dymond, Jez Lloyd

Take the voice of Macy Gray and strong European electronica and you have Ink Project. The voice is sultry, velvety and lulls you in while the production work takes over the senses. It isn’t overpowering, rather it is more like one of those sirens that lull you in until they have you completely. After that, you don’t mind being there because the music is that good.


The Wet Darlings – Your Ghost
Location: Columbus, OH
Genre: Indie/Rock
Members: Jenny Lute, Bill Patterson, Joe Patterson, Aaron Bishara

I don’t know how. I don’t know why. But every month we end up with an amazing band out of Columbus, Ohio. What is going on in that town??? The Wet Darlings is our latest band from what seems to be one hack of a music town. Lead singer Lute can lull you to sleep or rip your face off and the boys follow where ever she goes. “Your Ghost” has a little bit of both. It’s a strong rock song with that touch of vulnerability that really draws you in. Something tells me this is a crowd pleaser in the live show.


So there you have it…10 more “Favorites” to add to your iPods and laptops. Enjoy!!!

About the Artwork:

Alexander Mylavarapu is a man of many skills. Alex just finished med school and is currently studying for the Medical Boards. Despite his busy lifestyle Alex always find time for music. He records music and even builds his own electric guitars. When he is not playing music or studying you may find him pursuing his other hobbies that include designing artwork, cooking and comic books. If you would like to see more of Alex’s artwork click here.

Do you know any amazing bands that we should spotlight next month? Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below!

Written by:
Victor Alfieri