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November 2011

Back Of The Rack

It’s that time again. Another month of submissions has come in. They have been poured over, scrutinized and whittled down to a group of finalists. We are continuing to receive music of varying styles from all over the world. I am truly amazed each month at where some of these submissions of brand new music come from.

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We are always looking for new bands to feature and no genre is off limits. So if you are into a great electronic, hip-hop or accordion artist — doesn’t matter. As long as it’s new music, we want to know it. Please keep sending in your submissions and ideas. We get just as many great ideas from fans of bands than we do from the artists, managers and labels themselves.

We have heard some great things from the bands that have already been featured on BotR. For that, we thank you, our readers. It is each and every one of you that is making a difference in these artists’ lives. We can turn you on to a band, but if you don’t go out and support them, our job has not been accomplished. So please keep going out there and checking their websites, downloading their music and seeing them live.

This month, BotR features twelve tracks, each one free for you to download and enjoy at your leisure. We hope you like them:

Gravy and the Biscuits – Butter
Location: Nashville, TN
Genre: Rap/Funk
Members: Gravy, Sam & John

Three kids recording “Soul Food” like this in their dorm rooms ought to be illegal in some way. This trio from Belmont University has found a way. To look at them, you wouldn’t think it was possible. It’s just another example of not judging that book right? It starts with a soft guitar riff, followed by a classic bass line that will take you back. Before you know it, you’re putting butter on those biscuits. Go get yourself some.


Three Legged Fox – Let You Down
Location: Wallingford, PA
Genre: Reggae/Alternative
Members: Kyle Wareham, John Duxbury, Mark Carson, Kory

One of the more seasoned bands on BotR, 3LF has been together for five years with three albums and well over 350 shows under their belts. It has all paid off. There is a polished sound throughout as the quartet hit on every level. The combination of reggae-styled drum and bass lines with strong guitar work, all accompanying Wareham’s vocals give the band a sound that few others can match today.


Model Stranger – Carousel
Location: Chicago, IL
Genre: Rock/Psychedelic Grunge
Members: Stephen Francis, Kevin James, Vincent Joseph

Road warriors from the Midwest, Model Stranger have steadily built a following and a reputation for great live shows. Carrying the label of “rock n’ roll classicists” hasn’t been too difficult for them as they show why they have built that reputation every night. “Carousel” certainly feels as if it has come from a different age without sounding old.


The Greater The Risk – Pick Your Poison
Location: Richmond, VA
Genre: Pop-Rock/Punk
Members: Daniel Castillo, Ashley Drewes, Blake Gillespie, Nathan Wilson
and Derek Ames

This quartet out of Richmond has worked hard to get to this point. Probably one of the most radio friendly acts this month, it couldn’t have happened at a better time as their new album Say What You Never Said was released October 25th. They’re on the road right now building major momentum, hitting the local radio stations and getting airplay. Keep an ear out and go get the album. It’s worth it.


Los McAllister – Crazy June
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Genre: Garage Rock
Members: Andres Peláez, Carlos Muciño, Francisco Peláez

Viva La Mexico!!! Our first band from south of the border brings a dirty guitar sound with a vintage sound in the way Los Lonely Boys did a few years back. “Crazy June” screams of years gone by and has one sweet guitar riff halfway through. Check out their FB page for a few more free downloads as they work that old sound really well.


Dominant Legs – Clawing Out at the Walls 
Location: San Francisco, CA
Genre: Pop/Electronica
Members: Ryan Lynch, Hannah Hunt, Rene Solomon, Andrew Connors, Garett Goddard

Starting off as the eclectic indie duo of vocalist/guitarist Ryan Lynch and keyboardist/vocalist Hannah Hunt, the project has filled out to a full band. There are various remixes of this track out there, including one that is is a bit more electronic, but here is the original in all its indie-pop glory. Hunt’s background vocals are subtle and the conga percussion is a nice touch to go with the solid bass line. It is the guitar riff that you will remember, but the subtle nuances are what make this song a winner.


Mountain Man – Animal Tracks
Location: Bennington, VT
Genre: Folk
Members: Molly Erin Sarle, Alexandra Sauser-Monnig, Amelia Randall Meath

It all started one day at Bennington College in Vermont where three strangers were brought together like three sides of a triangle. Their combined vocals are haunting and raw. The recording is intimate, as if they are sitting right in front of you and you can’t look away. One note and their Siren’s call will have you…


Wintercoast – Brittle Bones
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Genre: Folk Rock/Alternative
Members: Andrei Dumitrescu, Sylvie Bridgman, Samuel Chow, Cory
Bernard, Alex Kadhim, Daniel Ponich

Originally a folk duo, Wintercoast has grown to a full band of six to fill out the sound and bring the rock in their folk rock. This isn’t your father’s folk rock sextet. The vocal play between Dumitrescu and Bridgman pull more to the louder side and the electric guitar work drives a jam-band feel that show these guys are not just coffee house crooners.


Sounds Under Radio – Sing
Location: Austin, TX
Genre: Alternative Rock
Members: Lang Freeman, Bradley Oliver, Sonny Sanchez, Doug Wilson

Upon listening to this track the first time, the only word that came to mind was “anthemic.” This one was made for large venues and lots of voices. It is powerful and grips you with the first Coldplay esque guitar riff. Off the band’s second album, “Sing” is not a small song in any way shape or form. Freeman’s vocals pull you right in and don’t let you go until you are singing right back at him.


Bombadil – I Will Wait
Location: Durham, NC
Genre: Folk/Pop
Members: Bryan Rahija, Daniel Michalak, John, Michalak, Stuart Robinson

Bombadil are not necessarily new, and if you look at the history of the band and the reviews they have received from major publications, one would wonder why they still haven’t taken a larger share of the spotlight. “I Will Wait” will even further confuse you as the song strips the band down to almost nothing but raw emotion and hope. This track is one that will haunt you years from now. Like a bedtime prayer, “I Will Wait” will surely help many get through the day, and hopefully to a Bombadil show, where the tone is much more upbeat.


Aunt Martha – Oriskanny Falls
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Genre: Folk
Members: Tim Noyes, Brian Kim, Todd Brehm, Garrett Leahy, Eddie Byun

After reading this, I have no choice but to steal the band’s FB bio. “We are Aunt Martha, band of men. We hustle north, south, east and west playing our instruments for beautiful people who listen to us. We’ve been known to sleep in the van, on floors, and occasionally in beds. We are friends 95% of the time, and enemies 5% of the time. Thanks for checking us out, we love you so, so much. – Aunt Martha (band of men).”


Conor Mason – Standstill
Location: Derry, Ireland
Genre: Folk/Acoustic
Members: Conor Mason

Possibly the most beautiful song we have had at BotR and the highest rated track this month. This is just one of those songs that scream instant classic. While the song would have accomplished its task with just the vocals and acoustic guitar, Mason’s use of subdued strings and other instrumentation add a level of comfort to the heartfelt lyrics. His vocals sound almost like a whisper, which pulls you in for a closer listen. This one is an absolute winner.


About the Artwork:

Daniel lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil and always had this big passion for drawing since he was a kid, watching many animes and other TV shows. This young love kept on growing, going through pop culture and fine arts. He finally came to that moment of getting things serious and started working with the visual world.

As an art director, designer or illustrator, he truly finds inspiration in every kind of information he might get along the day. The greatest idea can pop in any situation; while waiting at the bus stop or during a fantastic trip. Kano thinks that diversity is the best meal for creativity, and that’s why he tries not to use only a single kind of trace. Be sure to take a glance at some of Daniel’s other work

If you know any amazing artists that you think we should feature don’t hesitate to share. Please e-mail us at or leave a comment below.

Written by:
Victor Alfieri