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January 2012

Back Of The Rack

Do you have room for one more gift? The tree may have been taken down and the menorah put back in the cabinet, but surely you have room for another present. What we have for you is possibly the best “Back of the Rack” yet!!! The submission process was a little slow last month, but we ended up with the toughest selection process yet for this month’s selection of new music.

The Back of the Rack tracks have expired for this month, but you can still click the download arrow in the embedded tracks below. To download more great tracks click here and sign up on the most recent issue. Once a month we will send these tracks right to your inbox.

We had tons of submissions that made it to the voting committee, and every single one of them was strong enough to make a BotR release. What we have for you though, is eleven unbelievable tracks. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have these past few weeks.

As always, if there is a track you like, please check out the artist’s site and their other music. Where there is one good track, there is most certainly more to be found. Here are the January 2012 BotR artists:

Rem’s Floating Chandelier – Haecittas (Version 2)
Location: Richmond, VA
Genre: Ambient/Dream Pop/Instrumental
Members: Danny Bozella, Nick Delia, Natalie Lindgren, Yoora Lee

A favorite of OV founder Mike Reuther, Rem’s Floating Chandelier (Rem is a person) channel Mazzy Star less the female vocals. The soundscape they create is soft like a fresh new towel out of the dryer, but layered in a way that you can’t pick up every little nuance in just one listen.


Rich Aucoin – It
Location: Halifax, Canada
Genre: Motivational Crowd Karaoke
Members: Rich Aucoin, Joel Waddell, Erik Van Lunen, Darryl Smith

A Rich Aucoin track is not just a song, it’s an event. With the Arcade Fire sound, the anthemic chorus and pounding percussion, “It” is one of those songs that will continue to play on your iPod for months. Take the time to check out the video for this song as well. It is worth the time.


Ocean Grove – Away
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Pop/Rock
Members: John Taylor, Greg Garbowsky, Ryan Liestman, Jack Lawless

Taking advantage of their location, Ocean Grove has created one of those perfect beach songs. They have all the pieces of the puzzle: the hook, the sweet harmonies, the power riff, it’s all there. This is a band that is on the verge of some amazing things. I look forward to watching it all happen.


Wes Kirkpatrick – There Are Days
Location: Chicago, IL
Genre: Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Members: Wes Kirkpatrick

The world of singer/songwriters is going strong, and with musicians like Wes Kirkpatrick, there is no sign of them disappearing. “There Are Days” is proof that this musician has tremendous talent that just needs the audience to find him. Not quite Americana, this song has a little bit of everything with some piano work, acoustic and electric guitars and a hint or two of banjo as well. It all blends well to create one beautiful song.


Emma-Lee – Not Coming By
Location: Toronto, CA
Genre: Pop/Rock/Country-Soul
Members: Emma-Lee, Devrim Eldelekli, Kevin Mendes, Mark McIntyre, Karen Kosowski

There’s just something about a woman and a guitar…Add the fact that she has a killer voice and amazing songwriting skills and you have the makings of a superstar. Reminiscent of Grace Potter, Emma-Lee can go soft and sultry, but she excels when she attacks with that powerful voice of hers. Whether she is sitting alone on a stool in a coffee house or in front of a full band at a large venue, Emma-Lee will command your attention and won’t let you go until she is done.


The Grates – Turn Me On (Whyte Fang Version)
Location: Brisbane, AU
Genre: Electronica/Dance
Members: Patience Hodgson, John Patterson

With two albums under their belts and tours around the world, this duo settled in New York to put together their third album Secret Rituals. The grooves are slick and infectious and the lyrics are seductive and enticing. The Big Apple has certainly given Hodgson confidence as “Turn Me On” is much more direct than any other work the duo has released. One hopes she continues down this path, because it is working.


The Tosspints – One Last Shot
Location: Saginaw, MI
Genre: Irish Punk
Members: Don Zuzula, Zak Zuzula, John Johnson

At first listen, one would never suspect this trio to be from Michigan. This track has dirty Irish pub written all over it, with the floor sticky from spilled Guinness, the air smoke-filled and the crowd ready to raise some Hell. The boys from Michigan have done a fine job creating the perfect Irish punk sound.


Pilots & Errors – Ghost Deer
Location: Lexington, KY
Genre: Acoustic/Folk
Members: Travis Wilburn

Some of you may recognize this artist as we have covered them before. Featured in the very first BotR (July 2011), Pilots & Errors was a favorite of OV. With the release of his new EP Linens, Mr. Wilburn is the first two-time BotR featured artist. Armed with only an acoustic guitar and his haunting vocals, Wilburn has won over the OV voting committee once again, and rightfully so. Does anybody else think he looks like Tom Brady though???


Indian Gun Company – Another Year
Location: Knoxville, TN
Genre: Acoustic/Folk-Rock
Members: Caleb Humphries

With vocals reminiscent of Elvis Costello and an Avett Brothers sound, “Another Year” was a no-brainer for this month’s BotR. Humphries brings extra texture to this track with the double bass on the low end. With the guitar and banjo picking laying over the top, the composition hits on all cylinders.


Harriet – I Slept With All Your Mothers
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Rock
Members: Alex Casnoff, Aaron Folb, Adam Gunther, Henry Kwapis

With a song title like that, you’d better bring it. Thankfully the boys of Harriet deliver with a powerful force that is this track. It starts off slowly but builds to the point where you will be screaming the chorus out the car window. Just be careful where you yell it. The song is cathartic, but could get you in more trouble depending on where you rip this one out.


Michael Rault – Call Me On The Phone
Location: Edmonton, CA
Genre: Pop/Blues/R&B
Members: Michael Rault

When I first heard this song, I was amazed by the retro sound of it. I was not alone as this was the highest rated track by the voting committee this month by a large margin. It is a timeless tune that borders on classic. Rault has the perfect voice for this style and the guitar play is spot on. It carries that Motown feel yet has a fresh sound to it that is not forced in any way.


About the Artwork:
Diane Bass, is a professional graphic designer, and works primarily in print. She is also a self proclaimed audiophile and loves finding new music. She doesn’t have a personal site just yet but we will be sure to add a link to her work once she has a site up and running.

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Written by:
Victor Alfieri