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Back of the Rack December 2012

Back of the Rack: December 2012

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Welcome to our December issue of Back of the Rack! As we all prep for the holidays just around the corner, take the time to check out these ten artists we’ve brought to you this month. Whether you’re looking for tracks to pump you up for a big day of shopping, wind you down after a stressful day of holiday traffic, or something relaxing for visiting family and friends, we’ve got you covered.

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And now, your December Back of the Rack:

Maia Vidal mixtapeMaia Vidal — God is My Bike
Barcelona, Spain
Genre: folk, pop

Maia Vidal, the 24-year-old singer/songwriter, started out in 2009 as a Rancid cover-band. Taking things down a notch from their punk origins, Vidal would use accordions, violins, glockenspiels, and vocals to transform the punk rock staples. In 2011, Vidal changed gears, focusing on her own songwriting while utilizing even more wild and exotic instruments, including a wide variety of toys for inspiration. “God is My Bike” displays Vidal’s sense of joy and wonder found on most of the artist’s works.

Joey HebdoJoey Hebdo — Prosciutto

Columbus, Ohio
Genre: Folk, pop

Columbus Ohio’s Joey Hebdo generally plays solo sets, but now and again plays with a four-piece band that give’s Hebo’s tracks a fuller feel. Most recently releasing 2010’s live album “at Rumba Cafe,” Hebdo has dubbed his work “adventure folk,” focusing on more fun, lighthearted topics and approaches when writing. If you’re in the Ohio area, keep an eye out for Joey Hebdo this December, as the artist has five stops in the state this month.

pyloPylo — Enemies
Bath, England
Genre: rock, alternative

“We are a band. We make music. We live in Bath.” This line from Pylo’s Facebook page is about all you’ll find on Pylo, the five-piece alternative group that calls England home. Matthew Aldus, James Scott, Richard Gully, Max Blunos, and Johan Jorgensen prefer letting their music speak for itself, and if “Enemies” is any sign, what the msuic has to say is pretty epic. Detailed, intense musicianship is coupled with powerful, reverb-drenched vocals here to envoke wide soundscapes and heavy emotion.

The 1975The 1975 — Sex
Manchester, England
Genre: rock, pop

The 1975 have a definitive style, and not just with their sound. Check out their website, their music videos… almost everything has an Abercrombie sheen, a look of tussled hair and beautiful femininity. It’s all in black and white, too. Their music reflects this approach, or perhaps vice versa. Both rock and pop, harsh and soft, The 1975 play off juxtaposition like black against white, all while maintaining a deep beauty that permeates every song, including “Sex.”

the kicksThe Kicks — Hawkeyes
Nashville, Tennessee
Genre: rock

The Kicks aren’t looking to try anything too new, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their sights set high. Looking back on influential bands of their upbringing including The Beatles, Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, and Aerosmith, The Kicks make music wholly intended to rock their audiences. And while the band may play clubs now – and are happy doing so – what they’re really aiming for is headlining stadiums. By the sound of things, it shouldn’t be too long before they’re there.

gibson bullGibson Bull — Matilda
London, England
Genre: indie, folk

Gibson Bull’s music strips away all pretension and embellishments, focusing on a simple sense of love of life and the truth it brings. Focusing on positivity in all his music, Gibson Bull’s brand of indie-folk is set to uplift and inspire. Most recently working with producer Adam Morley, Gibson Bull’s music has turned a new leaf full of energy. Don’t miss out of the artist’s Christmas album, “For Folk’s Sake, it’s Christmas,” on sale now.

desert shipsDesert Ships — Control
London, England
Genre: rock, indie

Focusing heavily on sound and it’s swirling, trippy capacities, Desert Ships uses heavy rhythms, repititive loops, and a heavy dose of reverb to create what they call “trip-tonic space rock.” Desert Ships released their debut album, Doll Skin Flag, this past July, with the help of producer Mark Gardnener, former singer of the band Ride.

tumbleweed wanderersTumbleweed Wanderers — Take it Back
Oakland, California
Genre: folk, rock

Mashing up folk, soul, and rock and roll, Tumbleweed Wanderers put on a one-of-a-kind show that takes their listeners on a journey through a number of musical landscapes. From a dark, meandering banjo ballad, to a full blow rock and roll number and back to a funky soulful pice, Tumbleweed Wanderers know how to put on an gig. Starting as an energetic street band, the Wanderers have grown to selling out shows across the bay area, becoming a major local headlining act.

Hannah GeorgasHannah Georgas — Robotic
Vancouver, Canada
Genre: indie, pop

Singer/songwriter Hannah Georgas dropped “This is Good” in April of 2010, produced by Howard Redekopp. (Tegan and Sara, You Say Party, New Pornographers) Since, things have been much better than good, as Georgas has established a wide fan base across the country. Working her way up from open-mics in coffee shops to sold out clubs in major cities, Georgas has always approached music the old-fashioned, gritty way, with a tough D.I.Y. work ethic. This October, Hannah released her second full-length, the self titled “Hannah Georgas.”

The Epilogues — Hunting Season
Denver, Colorado
genre: rock, alternative

Inspired by the likes of Radiohead, Muse, the Killers, and Deathcab for Cutie, rock band The Epilogues lay a heavy focus on melody and vocals, while adding an extra dose of synth to mix things up. With a passionate onstage act and easily danceable setlists, The Epilogues have seen a big burst in popularity following the radio success of “Hunting Season” on local Denver airwaves. The band’s most recent album, Cinematics, was released November 6th.

About the Artist:

Jamie Bax earned her BFA in Graphic Design from Maryville University Saint Louis in 2009. She works as a graphic designer and social media manager, and has begun freelancing on the side. She has always been passionate about technology and the arts, be it design, fine art, theatre, literature, or music. You can reach out or follow her on Twitter @jmeville.


Thanks for tuning in to another issue of Back of the Rack. Don’t forget to check back at OurVinyl all this month for our favorite tracks, albums, and OurVinyl sessions of 2012, and have a happy, safe holiday as we gear up for 2013!

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor