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Aynsley Lister Home

Aynsley Lister’s ‘Home’ – Album Review

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If you’re looking for a perfect sound for these lazy summer afternoons, you’ve come to the right place. The velvety, rock-infused blues of Home is the perfect soundtrack to chill out and relax with.

maxresdefaultAynsley Lister‘s adventure with music began in early childhood. Having been gifted his first guitar at the age of 8, the artist polished his skill with immense dedication. By the age of 13, he was already playing in a bar band. Self-taught and inspired by the likes of Peter Green or Eric Clapton, Aynsley followed his passion and spent much of his time on intense touring and recording. Within a single decade, he released 7 albums and 2 DVDs, and landed support slots with John Mayall and Robert Cray, among others. His efforts have earned him a place as the only British musician on the Classic Rock magazine’s Top 10 Contemporary Blues Artists list in 2007. The same magazine has also placed his album Equilibrium on its Top 50 Albums of 2009 list. With more accolades and high-profile stage appearances, and now with the release of the new album, 36-year-old Aynsley continues to be one of the most notable blues artists of the generation.

From the first notes, Home draws the listener into its world. The moody, soothing music and Aynsley’s soft vocals create an irresistible combination, topped off by an amazing, powerful guitar solo. The title song is the perfect track to open the album, and it alone is a good enough reason to check out this record. But once you hear it, you will want more – and more there certainly is. The laid-back feel continues throughout the album, but by no means is it monotonous. “Inside Out” is one of the catchier tracks, featuring memorable, sing-along melodies. Another notable song is “Hyde 2612” – an intriguing, TV series-inspired rhythmic track with a distinctive hook that you’ll find yourself humming for days.

Aynsley Lister HomeAs comfortable as the artist is with his own song-writing, he’s equally confident when playing other artists’ compositions. Aynsley’s guitar- rather than more familiar, big band-driven rendition of “Feeling Good” can definitely hold its own, and a quiet, subdued cover of James Morrison’s “You Make It Real” is somewhat of a surprise, but also ever a musical treat.

And then, of course, there are the gentle, sultry sounds for the candlelight. One could elaborate on the subtle tones of the piano in the smooth jazz of “Impossible”, or the purring bassline and wild guitar passages in “Insatiable”, but the words don’t really matter here, these songs just have to be heard.

Aynsley Lister’s album makes for quite a sophisticated listen, and yet with its varied influences and character it can be appreciated by fans of many genres, be it rock, pop, jazz or blues, and many others. It’s an interesting collection of songs that have a refreshing and at the same time, comfortably familiar feel. Home is an excellent feel-good record with potential to become a classic. The musical and emotional intensity contained on the album sounds like it can easily translate into an exciting live show, so if you have a chance to see this artist’s concert, don’t miss it – and in the meantime, check out the album!

Written by Natalia Gronowska

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