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Autre Ne Veut’s “Play By Play”

Song Of The Day

If you have even wasted your time watching the movie House Bunny you might recall Anna Farris use of the word sexy, “it’s going to be a sexy house” or “I am wearing my sexy pants.” The word sexy is a strange one, sex is a pretty straight forward word, adds a Y and it’s kind of a joke. What’s a sexy song? A song that generally isn’t too serious. Who can picture having the moves put on them with Right Said Fred “I’m Too Sexy?”

The first thing that pops into your head when you listen to “Play by Play” by Autre Ne Veut is sexual, not sexy. Well, it was for me. It’s right up there with “Open” by Rhye. This song has layers of R&B to it that make sweet love to your ears, try to avoid listening to it at work on your Dr. Dre Beats, if you have them, you will have to turn it off because you may become turned on during the 5 minutes the song plays.

Danni Bauer