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Zoogma, “Primary Colors” : AURA Music & Arts Preview

Song Of The Day

This week’s Song of the Day articles will be featuring artists from Aura Music Festival, going down March 9-11 in St. Cloud, FL.

Artist: Zoogma
Song: “Primary Colors”
Album: Recreational Vehicles

What the f### is Zoogma?” That’s what this Oxford-based jamtronica foursome have people across the midwest, Rockies, and East Coast asking. After throwing down at festivals all over last summer (an exceptionally awesome and hard rocking performance at Wakarusa comes to mind) the question stuck and is now the name of their latest tour.

Today’s track is a breaky song that starts with a chilled-out but precise drum beat and lots of phased up synth. The melody is a catchy digital riff cutting through over a static and atmospheric background that uses negative space to set the tone. A sitar-esque bridge kicks in about halfway into the song, bringing with it a speedy dance beat. While the band has a guitar player who shines through on many of the band’s other tracks, this one shows off their electronic chops.

Their debut album, which includes today’s Song of the Day, is available to download for FREE at Zoogma.net. Other standouts on Recreational Vehicles include “Mr. Limbic”, subtly sexual “Pillow”, and the guitar-driven “Okami”.

Primary Colors (free at zoogma.net) by Zoogma