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Audioslave’s “Like A Stone”

Song Of The Day

Song: Like A Stone

Artist: Audioslave

Album: Audioslave

Chris Cornell of Audioslave has always been a poet. He has been generating deep lyrics since his days with Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog. “Like A Stone” is no different. To the untrained ear, this song can represent a blade of love and waiting for the one you long for. The chorus “I’ll wait for you there like a stone, I’ll wait for you there alone.”, give us this sense. In reality, Cornell has been quoted relating the song to death. The song is about longing to be done with whatever life has been lived and or being set free from the monotony of this world. The protagonist in the song turns to prayer of any kind just looking for a way into the after life. The climax of the song is an “out of this world” wah pedal solo. The chords are simple but the way Morello utilizes the pedal is what separates him from the other great guitarists of all time.

By James Sobie