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Attack! Attack! UK’s LP ‘The Latest Fashion’

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Artist: Attack! Attack! UK
Album: The Latest Fashion
Label: Rock Ridge Music

Here’s a very pleasant album to listen to this season. ‘The Latest Fashion’ is the perfect summer soundtrack, ideal for energizing your festival ventures or brightening up those rainy afternoons. The music is captivating with its British charm, youthful energy, and optimistic vibes.

‘The Latest Fashion’ is a second record from the indie/alt rock group Attack! Attack! UK. The band was formed in Wales in 2007 and their music quickly caught a lot of attention within the industry. In just two short years the group recorded two studio albums, with self-titled debut released in 2008 and ‘The Latest Fashion’ released in the UK last September. One of their songs, You and Me was featured in the Guitar Hero 5 video game. All that was achieved in between touring and playing major festivals across and beyond their home country (Sonisphere, Download and SXSW, among others). Attack! Attack! UK gained opportunities to share the stage with prominent representatives of the modern rock scene, such as Lostprophets, Kids In Glass Houses or Funeral For A Friend. Now the band is gaining even more impact as their sophomore album is released in the US.

‘The Latest Fashion’ features 11 songs, all consistently engaging, ranging from party/festival tunes to anthemic ballads. It is an interesting album, filled with catchy, energetic songs that you’re sure to enjoy. The record starts with Everybody Knows – a great opener with some interesting drum action, melodic guitar parts and lyrics that let you know that these guys mean business. The energy is sustained by the following track, No Excuses. It is a concise but intense song which captures the essence of the band’s music. The title song from the album, Latest Fashion, is the heaviest one of the collection. Here Attack! Attack! UK touch upon their punk influences with a raw sound, heavy riffs and loud intensity. We’re Not The Enemy is another one of the louder pieces. In this song heavy riffs throughout the verse give way to a melodic chorus. The varied, powerful vocal parts tie the piece together to make a great rock song.

A more mature approach to music is evident in the slower pieces, turned into quite elaborate, emotional ballads. One of those songs is Best Mistake. The moving combination of lyrics and vocals is brilliantly accompanied by the music, as it gradually unfolds throughout the course of the song. Another notable ballad is the conclusion to the record, No Tomorrow. This anthemic piece is captivating from the beginning, as the beautiful music fades in and out to compliment the emotive lyrics.

The album is a good piece of modern rock music, with some interesting sounds, great energy and engaging lyrics. It’s a great combination that already granted the group a lot of attention, and it looks like they’re not about to slow down anytime soon! ‘The Latest Fashion’ is out now, so check it out and keep your eyes peeled for this band. And to give you a little taste of the album, here’s No Excuses.

By Natalia Gronowska

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