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Atoms For Peace’s “What The Eyeballs Did”

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Rain may have ruined the final day of ACL, but that didn’t stop bands in town with nothing to do from popping up everywhere performing alternative shows, most of which were either free or incredibly cheap. Sunday’s headliner, Atoms For Peace, was one of the most hotly an anticipated bands for the day, so to make it up to everyone they played a show at the ACL Live Moody Theater that night, even streaming live on the official ACL Festival website. What took place was an incredibly stellar performance, with both Thom Yorke and Flea in top, spastic form, both wearing dashiki-esque skirts. Listen to this ‘Amok’ album b-side “What The Eyeballs Did’ to celebrate the triumph of this band in the face of adverse weather conditions:


There have been a few b-sides and unfinished tracks that have surfaced online or on vinyl-only release since the release of this years understated yet elegant album ‘Amok.’ This particular track is the b-side of initial single ‘Default’ and has exactly what you’d expect from this group: a beat-driven, heavily electronic sound with haunting synths and brooding, ethereal vocals from Thom Yorke. Does it have the catchiness of his Radiohead material? No, it does not. But is beautiful and got a great toe-tapping beat? It certainly does, and that’s enough for us Thom Yorke devotees.

Written By Jarad Matula

OurVinyl | Senior Writer