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At The Drive In’s “One Armed Scissor”

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at the drive inOne of the most influential bands in all of rock music, At The Drive-In propelled to great heights with their critically acclaimed album, Relationship of Command. The Texas post-hardcore band gained mainstream recognition with their heavy and chaotic single entitled “One Armed Scissor”. The track is complete with sing-alongs, shouts and a catchy-as-hell breakdown.

Recently reunited for the upcoming edition of Coachella, this band brings an intensity to live shows like no other. Their spastic and uncontrollabanarchy was surely a pleasure to watch for anyone who saw them in person or in video clips.

Since their breakup, members of this band have formed numerous projects including Sparta and arguably a band that is as equally influential, The Mars Volta. Here’s hoping that Coachella is one of the many things to come in this band’s near and new future…

By Alex Giardini