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Assemblage 23: The Noise Inside My Head

Song Of The Day

Artist: Assemblage 23
Song: “The Noise Inside My Head”
Album: Bruise

Founded in 1988 by Tom Shear, the electronic act, Assemblage 23 is getting ready to release their seventh studio album, “Bruise”, and the lead track off of the new album is today’s Song of the Day.

The track “Noise Inside My Head” is a fantastic track industrial track that shows the staying power and talent of Shear, who is for all intents and purposes, Assemblage 23.  For listeners who love a deep, dark, industrial beat, synthesizer heavy dance track combined with distorted vocals, this track and this band are a perfect addition.

The new album, “Bruise” is being released in two forms, a regular edition and a limited edition that features a second disc that has three new tracks and remixed tracks from Grendel, iVardensphere, and Daniel Myer of haujobb.  For details, log on here.

Written By:
Christina Lawler | Our Vinyl Contributor