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ASAP Rocky live in Montreal

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The internet has been the go-to place to find the best new music, but more-so one finds the most hyped and buzz-worthy artists. In the fall of 2011, we were graced by the prescence of a new indie starlet named Lana Del Rey, followed by a much-talked about electro-pop artist by the name of Azealia Banks. Perhaps one of the most popular rap artists who was discovered this year was Harlem’s ASAP Rocky. His critically acclaimed mixtape LIVE LOVE ASAP was a not only a success but was raved about on numerous websites and blogs, which was followed by countless interviews and live videos.

This last weekend ASAP Rocky brought his hazy, bass-heavy tunes to Theatre Corona to Montreal.

Opening for ASAP Rocky was a Montreal-born producer by the name of Lunice (who has already worked with Azealia Banks and Diplo to name a few). Sadly, this author did not get a chance to see him because of time issues and missed his original, out-of-this-world advanced electronic music which seems to be making a lot of noise in the Canada as well as the electronic genre itself. Everyone is urged to check out this unique artist who seems to be reinventing the wheel when it comes to producing. On to ASAP Rocky…

Starting off the set with his latest track Pretty Flacko, Rocky got an immense positive reaction from the crowd right away. Supporting him on stage was his DJ and another member of his ASAP Mob. It was refreshing to see a hip-hop artist who did not have twenty-five other people up there singing along to the words.

ASAP Rocky’s Wassup

When his ultra-popular Wassup followed, it was then when the crowd was hypnotized by this young rapper. Every movement and word that came out of Rocky was indulged into a crowd that was getting good vibes from all angles. Rocky even shared some of Montreal’s finest herbs with some of the members of the crowd (the smell in there was very reefer-heavy, but then again so is ASAP Rocky).

One could notice almost every song had a voiceover on them, but the sound was still immaculate somehow. There are a lot of venues in Montreal artists can choose from and sometimes the venues’ sound does suit best certain artists’ music better. On this night the bass was intensely loud and the vocals were very crisp and distinguishable (the vocals that were performed live anyway). Rocky also mentioned he was sick which was why he came out in a large North Face leopard bomber-jacket and if this is true, it is quite remarkable for a young artist to finish his Canadian tour without cancelling any dates.

Before his encore Demons, ASAP Rocky played one of the tracks that got him here in the first place, Peso. The crowd erupted and a sing-along ensued of nearly everyone in the building, fan or bartender. It was a moment where the artist is connecting with the audience so well and the song is blaring so loud that the moment passes you by; you’re having so much fun that a three-minute song feels like it was done in eighteen seconds.

ASAP Rocky played for about thirty minutes. Would it have been better if he played longer? The obvious answer would be yes, but keep in mind he was not feeling well and he only has a mixtape and an EP out. He played all the bangers from his LIVE LOVE ASAP mixtape with the exception of one or two that my group was waiting for. Had he continued for another twenty minutes, the crowd might have been more satisfied but sometimes short and sweet is the best formula for performing artists. Why is that?  You always leave them wanting more…

Written by Alex Giardini