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Artist Spotlight: The Floorwalkers

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An evening with The Floorwalkers is a far cry from a dull experience. This Columbus native band draws upon rock n’ roll roots, infused with blues, soul, reggae, and Indie. These musical influences create a heartfelt sound and bring purity, love and light for the listener. The group consists of six extremely talented musicians, led by Jonathon Elliot’s distinct soul-hitting vocals. For music lovers, catching The Floorwalkers live is like the icing on the cake! For the familiar faces it’s another night of dancing, singing and smiles. As for the new comers it’s anything but background bar music. I spent another evening in the bliss of their music while pondering what makes these musicians stand out from other local talent.

As people started to arrive, The Floorwalkers began the night by playing a range of soulful-blues tunes, and slow rock songs. They have a way of easing the crowd into the evening while gaining significant interest and appeal. The song “Fly Away” is filled with harmonious melodies and piercing vocals. One of the many qualities The Floorwalkers exude is the ability to make people feel connected from the moment they enter the room. The dance floor is a place of comfort for fans as they immediately find a space to settle. “For The Better” seemed like a crowd favorite as people swayed happily and sang along. At this point the room was heavily filled with people locking interest into this sextet. “Love the Sun Away” is a delightful reggae tune carried out by the sounds of uplifting guitar rifts. As the first set neared closure I began to realize how diverse the collections of songs are.

For a newcomer, the second set may sound quite a bit different than the first. The music has now picked up pace and the crowd becomes immediately immersed. The crisp clear sound of the bluesy piano and dueling guitars during “Red Like the Devil” brought the heat to the room. The crowd continued to be heightened by the music as vocals permeated the air and sounds reached a unique vaudeville swing. The off-rhythm guitar and eerie keys released a high energy during “Morning Song” The lyrics reach full potential through the seductive syncopated vocals. At that point I could only begin to reflect on how their music is far from a one hit wonder. I can’t even select a song that doesn’t appeal to me, and this is what distinguishes The Floorwalkers from other local musicians. As the lights flipped on and last call was made, the band wrapped up the set with the groovy sing along “The Good Word”.

Check out their tune “Three Wishes” below:

The Floorwalkers have the ability to not only connect with a relevant music scene, but also carry over an old time feel. Their diverse music is polished off with groundbreaking original lyrics. With a recently released album titled “The Natural Road” and current touring plans, The Floorwalkers are readily available for public appeal. The new album can be downloaded on iTunes. For tour updates and information on the Floorwalkers visit

Written By:
Marcella Neff

Photos By:
Brian Hockensmith