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Artist Spotlight: Geoff Koch

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From his thought provoking lyrics, poetic style, melodic instrumentals, and distinctive voice, Geoff Koch truly is an incredible songwriter and musician. He’s toured around the country spreading his lyrical poetry to fans everywhere.

Our Vinyl had a chance to sit down with Geoff, and get to know this prolific artist and musician.

A native of St. Louis, Koch didn’t pick up a guitar until he was sixteen years old, which is much older than most guitarists start learning.

“I first taught myself how to play Nirvana, and then Dave Mathews came around for awhile, and then I took a trip back to Neil Young and the Beatles, then indie rock kind of happened. I was pretty content for several years, until my early twenties, to just learn how to play,” Koch explained. “I started writing my own songs about ten years ago and since 2000 I’ve been playing original shows.”

When asked about touring Koch described that, “It’s what I want to do. I want to see the country, and I have this pioneering spirit. There are so many lessons you learn through touring and through music, and there’s something to be said for working really smart while you continue to work really hard.”

There doesn’t seem to be one type of fan that Koch attracts. It seems to completely range from show to show, and he has an overall persona that appeals to many different kinds of fans.

Pro-War by Geoff Koch

“I think that people who like Wilco, Death Cab for Cutie, Elliot Smith, Ryan Adams, Jeff Buckley, Bright Eyes, Counting Crows, and maybe REM would probably be okay with my music on some level,” Koch stated when discussing artists who have a similar style to him.

Koch’s songs are very lyrical, they are emotional journeys for the listeners. When asked about his song writing process Koch explained that, “When I’m in song writing mode, and I’m at the piano or the guitar, I’m trying to make this the best piece of art that I can. You can go into writing a song at the beginning and be like the melody is awesome and I know I have so many great lyrics for it. That’s when you really take your time and the subject matter reveals itself to you, and all of these doors open up that you didn’t know were there.”

In 2005 Koch released his first EP Throwing Rocks At Your Ghost, and since then has released two more albums Live At Lucas School House and most notably the 2008 album If It Feels Good Don’t Do It, co-produced by Wilco drummer Ken Coomer. Currently Koch is writing new songs for his fourth album release, which is still in the planning process. At this moment Koch is trying to write and perfect the songs that he wants to have in the upcoming album.

Shortly following the interview Koch played a brief acoustic show to an audience of both friends and fans at the Bridge in Columbia, MO. He played many of his popular originals like “Chasing After You,” “Pro-War,” and his newest song “It’s a Beautiful Day to Wake Up.” Koch also played two covers; an outstanding rendition of Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World” and a well-received version of “Imagine” by John Lennon, which had the entire crowd singing along to it.

The crowd responded well to Koch’s laid back, personable style, and his music positively affected the atmosphere of the club.

Geoff Koch is an artistic songwriter and lyricist, who creates a personal connection with his listeners through his music. His songs with their deep and meaningful messages, and their pleasing instrumental backings make for a satisfying sound experience.

Make sure to keep an eye on Geoff Koch in the future, because he has so much more to offer to the music community.

By: Denny Ganahl