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Artist Spotlight – Cash Cash

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In today’s modern music age, what is it that one expects to see from some of the bands they listen too? Trends that I have noticed are as follows:

1. Clothing so attention grabbing that if the colors were any brighter they would be blinding.

2. Wild hair that seems unkempt, but in all honesty it took hours to style that way.

3. Crazy techno party beats are so infectious they stay in your head for days on end.

cashcashSo what is it that sets Cash Cash, a band with new popularity from Roseland, New Jersey, apart from the rest?  If you wanted to judge them by their appearance, there is nothing that makes them unique among the many other people who play the same type of music as them.  They have the bright colored clothing, the crazy hair and wear the skinniest of skinny jeans.  But if one wants to judge them by their music, they could definitely find something that makes them different.  When I first heard about Cash Cash the first thought that came to my mind was, “No doubt I will like them, but they won’t be anything different from what I already listen too.”  If you know me, I love finding stuff that is off kilter or against the norm.  I decided I would give them a shot and I downloaded the first song I saw from them on iTunes.  That song was coincidentally their hot single Party In Your Bedroom from their self-titled EP.  I turned up the volume on my laptop, ready to listen to something I was sure I have already heard before.  I pressed play.

I was pleasantly surprised.  The beginning on the song starts out with lead singer, Jean Paul Makhlouf singing the title of the song over and over.  At that point I was kind of bored thinking, “Okay… I get there’s a party in your bedroom, where’s the meat to the song?” But as soon as they started getting into the actual lyrics, I was sucked in.  The message was something I was totally not expecting.  By the title of the song I just expected it to be about a girl who was hooking up with one of the band members (you would too, wouldn’t you?) but it was different than that.

I’m not going to explain what I believe the lyrics mean because I don’t want to ruin anyone else’s way of interpreting it, but you should definitely give this song a listen.  I continued to search for more of their songs from the EP and found that each one offered something different.  Their music is like a mix of 80s and new age techno, so it is pretty refreshing.  The fusion that they have managed to create is something that will be a door opener for many other bands in the future.

For example, Electric Hearts started out as more of a mellow beat with a darkened tone but then when it reaches the chorus it makes you want to jump around and dance.  I’ve never listened to a techno album with such versatility in the tracks.

If anything I would recommend Cash Cash to anyone looking for good, fun music.  I would expect to start hearing the names of Jean Paul Makhlouf, Alex Makhlouf, Sam Frisch and Anthony Villacari tumbling out of young mouths as they talk about their new favorite band.

Written By:
Becca White