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Artist Spotlight – 30 Seconds To Mars

Editors Pick

As an avid listener of music, I myself have gone through many different “phases” if you will. In middle school I mainly listened to artists such as Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Taking Back Sunday until I hit a new phase around my eighth grade year. As the cycle started over again I leaned more towards artists such as Senses Fail, Chiodos, Underoath, and Silverstein. While I still listen to all of these bands, they aren’t ones that you’d currently find on my top played list on iTunes. There has only been one group who’ve endured my ever-changing music tastes throughout the years and made a lasting impression. Thirty Seconds To Mars’ music caught me around the release of their second studio album A Beautiful Lie with their single “The Kill”.  My 7th grade self was still very easily influenced and when MTV aired the haunting music video (Yes, this was around the time they still actually played music on the channel!) I was hooked.

The five piece played music that I had not yet been exposed to and in effect, I was intrigued. Thirty Seconds To Mars is a band I would dare to call universal. The way they are able to manipulate their instruments to convey any emotion desired, and the way their music has an ability to act as a puppeteer to one’s emotions, is simply exquisite. Lead singer Jared Leto’s vocals are arresting and powerful even when singing the softest of songs; which vouches for his skill as not only a singer, but as an artist. Leto even made a comment to ShoutWeb about how their name relates to the group’s sound. Leto said, “”For us, the name 30 Seconds To Mars has little to do with space, the universe or anything like that. It is a name that works on several different levels. Most importantly, it is a good representation of our sound. It’s a phrase that is lyrical, suggestive, cinematic, and filled with immediacy. It has some sense of otherness to it. The concept of space is so overwhelming and all encompassing I doubt there is a song written that doesn’t fall within it.”

Thirty Seconds To Mars also is not a band to put on a dull show. For drawing enormous crowds all over the world, they have a knack for putting on highly interactive sets. Leto will even find a way to situate himself on the barricade so he is hovering over the fans where they can reach not even a foot in front of him and be able to touch him. One problem nowadays is the everlasting question of whether a band can perform live. With the addition of auto-tune and abundant audio mixing one can only hope for the best when seeing their favorite band or artist perform live. Fans of Thirty Seconds To Mars need not worry because they sound the same or possibly even better than they do recorded.

All in all, I believe that if one wants to enjoy a show where pure talent, pure showmanship and pure fun are to be had they needn’t look further than a Thirty Seconds To Mars show. The group is going on a tour this fall so be sure to check it out and see if they are coming to a town near you. I know that I will be attending the Columbus, OH show hosted by Promowest at the LC!