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Artifakts’ “Need More You”

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In the world of electronic music, Wisconsin producer Garett Meyer, aka Artifakts, is doing something different. His song, “Need More You” is today’s song, but we would like to tell you about more than just this song. ‘Fakts has a butter smooth blend of down-tempo soul and electronic hip hop beats that soothe the brain like hot honey tea in your neurons. This silky Midwesterner is standing out on the publishing scene as well, ambitiously crowd funding his first original 7’’ vinyl EP. As OurVinyl once was greatly helped out through a successful crowd-sourcing campaign, we like to highlight others who are also using this cutting edge method of not only fundraising

The goal is to raise $1000 by November 10th to press one hundred 45’s. After a little more than a day, he’s almost half way there. A donation of $10 is not just to help. It actually buys you an advance digital copy of the EP as well as the vinyl record. Furthermore, any money raised in excess of the $1000 goal will be donated to the National Adoption Center, as it hold’s a special place in Meyer’s heart.

So ultimately everybody wins. Amazing music flourishes on top shelf formats, benefactors are more then compensated, and a charity is all the better for it. Check out the links below to get better acquainted with Artifakts’ beats and vibe, and if you can’t donate, don’t worry! Just spread the word for a fantastic cause bundled with some great tunes.

Donation page:

Written by Pete DeStefano

OurVinyl | Contributor

Artifakts’ “Need More You”