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army of the universe until the end review

Army of the Universe’s ‘Until the End’ – EP Review

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Army of the Universe was formed in 2008 by Albert Vorne (Trebla), vocalist Lord K, and later they added guitarist Davil. Released in 2011, their debut album ‘Mother Ignorance’ was mixed by Chris Vrenna and was a fusion of 80’s new wave, synth, metal, and electronica. This combination created a unique and cutting edge sound that really made people take notice.

Army of the Universe’s The Weight of the World

army of the universe until the end review‘Until the End’, their new EP is being released digitally and contains 3 new tracks and 1 remix. The title track Until the End, continues right where they left off with new wave synth and dance floor beats. Chibi from The Birthday Massacre also makes an appearance on the track, giving it an additional layer of vocals that really makes the track standout. The Weight of the World breaks out above the rest of the tracks though, as it crunches and pops its way through from beginning to end. It is easy to picture this track playing during a montage from Miami Vice, as it has 80’s flare with a modern edge.

Rounding out the EP are two more tracks, Break The Walls and a remix of the title track by Albert Vorne. Having seen the band open for KMFDM on their last tour, you can rest assured that the energy and creativity behind their music and live performance is continued here. The EP is a solid addition to the band’s discography and gives us a taste of what is to come while we wait for their second full length release.

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Written By Tim Lawler

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