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arkells where u goin

Arkells’ “Where U Goin”

Song Of The Day

Michigan Left, the second album and first major label effort on Universal Music Canada from Hamilton, Ontario based Arkells yields an eclectic mix of music. The second track “Where U Goin” starts with a shimmery burst and never lets up. It is remnant of a lost Hall and Oates song, which seems somewhat fitting since they do cover “You Make My Dreams Come True” in concert.

Singer Max Kerman repeats “You keep saying to me I’m all right” while the band unabashedly chugs to layered background vocals, jangly guitars, and piano over this bass/drum driven up-tempo number that you can dance to.

Arkells, as with some bands, may have matured in their songwriting but still know how to have a good time both musically and lyrically and “Where U Goin” is a prime example of that union.

Written by:
Bryan Fauth | Our Vinyl Contributor