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Arcade Fire’s ‘We Used To Wait’

Song Of The Day

Song: We Used To Wait

Artist: Arcade Fire

Album : The Suburbs

Today’s song is We Used To Wait, by Arcade Fire. We are posting it in honor of their winning Record of the Year for 2010’s release “The Suburbs”, and being the first band from an independent label to ever be so honored. This song showcases some of the best abilities of Arcade Fire. There is a movement-enticing backbone, catchy-yet-intruiging lyrics, an almost drone-like piano highlight that buries itself into your mind, and a unique multi-instrument crescendo. Arcade Fire has many more members than normal rock bands, but they know when to sound minimal and when to use all their potential energy at once.

Congratulation Arcade Fire on a record very well done! Let’s hope the rest of the world can now wake up to the vast amount of musical talent currently laying dormant in independent labels all across the western world.