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Aquaphonics “InDew” : AURA Music & Arts Preview

Song Of The Day

Artist: Aquaphonics
Song: InDew
Album: Headline EP

Synthesizers set an ambient atmosphere for the instruments to introduce themselves one by one. First comes the drums with a clicky rim/snare beat, then the guitar with refreshing little effects over it. A bass picks up the rhythm, and then a keyboard brings the harmony. The overall feel of the song is relaxed yet up tempo, and the mix is dead on.

Aquaphonics are known for their unique brand of “funky electro-soul indie,” a combo you don’t hear too much about. The South Florida-based trio has performed with fellow funksters Perpetual Groove and The New Mastersounds, and have become a staple in the Florida festival scene. Their infectious grooves are audible everywhere, though, via their SoundCloud.


Written by:
Meghan Bender | Senior Writer