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Aphex Twin’s “Film”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Aphex Twin
Song: “Film”
Album: Come to Daddy

Aphex Twin is a virtuoso of electronic compositions dipping his feet nearly into every pool of variety within the genre. Whether it is heavy bass, ambient tracks, or danceable tunes, Aphex Twin has been a pillar and modeling block for an innumerable amount of electronic producers. Today we explore one of his more dainty tracks, “Flim.” Like many creative works, it is not about length or size, but rather the sweat that goes into an artist’s creation which validates its scale of complexity and success. In this short track, Aphex Twin is able to bring a dissonant and glitchy drum track with a blissful and all too soothing progression of soft keys and warm synths. It is within this masterpiece that while laying in your bed on a rainy day, a joyful ray may just burst through the clouds and make everything all better.

Written by Daniel Goodman