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Andy Shauf

Andy Shauf’s “I’m Not Falling Asleep”

Song Of The Day

Today’s song is “I’m Not Falling Asleep”, and can be found on Andy Shauf’s album “The Bearer of Bad News”. You may recognize him, as another one of his songs from this album was included on the June 2013 Back of the Rack mixtape/article/free download.

Andy plays the instruments you are hearing, all of them. He recorded this record on his own, as legend has it, in his basement on his own (pre-mastering that is). The song starts with grand piano and then you hear muted trumpet. Andy’s serene vocals eventually come in, he asks us, “when will I ever be safe from myself, if the danger all lies between heaven and hell?”

Eventually some small percussion comes in, and we hear the chorus repeated often, where Andy tells us, “I’m Not Falling Asleep”. It is a simple & sombre song, without any surprises or superfluities. But it is arresting to the ears and soothing to the mind.


Andy Shauf’s “I’m Not Falling Asleep”