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Andy Shauf’s “Hometown Hero”

Song Of The Day

Today’s song is Hometown Hero and is from Andy Shauf. It is the first song off of his newest album, “The Bearer of Bad News”, which quietly was one of the better albums of 2012. Alongside a catchy and pleasant interplay of acoustic guitar strumming, upbeat percussion and some quality subdued horns Andy tells us a story about a “hometown hero” – in this case a 35 year old who coaches the high school football team and tackles someone trying to hold up the nearby store.

Story telling within a song isn’t easy, at least not to pull it off in such a simple and enjoyable manner. You want the music to stand alone, yet you want the story to also be interesting, without resorting to over simplified rhyming. In this case, Andy accomplishes both tasks marvelously.

And even though after one listen, you know how it all ends, you will probably want to hear it again anyhow.