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Blue Lip Feel

An introduction to Blue Lip Feel

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Blue Lip Feel is one of the latest marvels to be bred from England’s city of Sheffield. The four piece’s raw new talent infused with an old school rock and roll sound gives them the capacity to follow in the footsteps of Sheffield greats such as Arctic Monkeys, Pulp and Def Lepoard. Over the past few years Blue Lip Feel have been establishing themselves in the music industry; playing the main-stage of the Sheffield festival ‘Tramlines’ last July and subsequently touring with the popular indie band Tribes earlier this year. Band members Oliver Tooze (Lead vocals and guitar), Will Adams (Bass Guitar), Conor Houston (Lead guitar and vocals) and Sam Bywater (Drums) create a sound which projects a mix of nostalgia and a bright new future for music. The combination of Tooze’s classic rock and roll vocals, the band’s groovy instrumentals and rock band guitar riffs create songs which invoke more than a bite of the lip and a tap of the foot. Their songs remind us of what rock music should be, and on top of that their music is extremely sexy; this is fantastically demonstrated in ‘Hiring Mr. Know’.

Blue Lip Feel’s “Hiring Mr Know”

Unfortunately the band recently lost drummer Sam Bywater, but that hasn’t stopped these ambitious Sheffield boys from making music. They’re currently practicing with a new member, Moz Casserley (Frontman of the Downtown Roots). Bassist Will Adams commented on the recent change;

‘At the minute we’re just jamming and messing around with sounds. A good friend of ours is playing with us so we’re just trying to get used to each other musically which is exciting. To be honest I haven’t a clue what our plans are really, we are in need of a drummer which is key but for the time being we are just adjusting to the new vibe musically as a band. As Bowie said, “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring”’.

Make no mistake, Blue Lip Feel are a band to watch out for, and whilst we’re waiting to see what the Sheffield boys come up with next, we always have the delights of their latest EP to listen to.

Blue Lip Feel’s “Man I Am”

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Written by Drew Rhiannon

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