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An Exploration of The Morning After Girls’ new LP “Alone”

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The Morning After Girls is a band from the New York area by way of Australia. They have had a lot of problems over the past few years but have kept themselves from falling apart and were able to finish their forthcoming record, “Alone”. The Girls have been a great companion on tour with such reputable acts as The Black Keys (rumor is an ex member stole their Jack Daniels one evening, and the Keys didn’t like that too much), The Dandy Warhols, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and The Warlocks. Their new record, which will be their first since “Shadows Evolve” back in 2005, has been completed for over two years now – but finally saw it’s physical release last week after it’s already been on iTunes since the summer of 2009. It’s astonishing how long such a well done record can take to be actually physically released.

The now 5 piece band features Martin and Sacha who are the two founding members, and lead singers from the land down under, while two other members are from the New York shoegaze band Highspire. You can definitly hear the difference in the line-up and maturity in the new record. The record reminds one of a acid trip in the way that there are more ups and downs than the great wall, it builds you up to bring you back down to earth, only to have the next song launch you higher than before.

The first song isn’t one, it’s just a short intro into a minor chord ambient track called “Best Explanation”, where the fast picking lead guitar is actually calm and soothing. The band then kicks it into radio single mode with their first single that Tee Pee records put out, called “The General Public.” This track is much more fast paced and the lack of chorus goes unnoticed with the heavy guitar riffs that pour out on this song.

The next track is the title track of the album “Alone”, and has a great electric riff alongside a acoustic, then about 10 more guitar tracks are thrown in there as well. The vocals on this track are tremendous and flow perfectly with the song, it’s easy to figure out why they titled the album after this song. They pick up the pace on the next track, title “Death Processions”, where the guitar almost hits climatic proportions sounding like it’s about to make stereo explode, the drums are very aggressive as well which is something different to previous TMAG sound.

The Morning After Girls bring you back down to earth with “Part of Your Nature”, a nice acoustic track that sounds like it should be in a movie o

f a guy wandering around searching for something, and he finally finds it at the end of the song. The track after sounds the most like TMAG of past, titled “You Need to Die”, a dark track that like most of the record also has a heavy guitar in the chorus alongside acoustic guitar.

Their most upbeat track is “To Be Your Loss” and definitly has a pop element, and would be a good radio single. This track also features strings which you don’t hear on much of the record. TMAG then go into a radiohead esque song entitled “There’s a Taking”, which is the slowest track and has no guitar, only orchestral pieces. The next song “Still Falling” and you hear more orchestral which I then realize the whole second half of the record features more stings than the first half.

Then a new-wave sound kicks in with “Who is They” (Saints fans call it Whos is Dem), bringing back the 80s with new wave riffs, and shoegaze vocals before they drop into their 15 and half minute finale “Tomorrows Time.” The final song feaures sound scapes until you finally collapse from the wave.

‘Alone’ is an amazing record, any psych-rock fan won’t be able to stop listening to it. The Morning After Girls are far superior then most psych acts out there and they are in their best form on this LP. It’s a shame that it took this long to put out this record, but it’s out so go add it to your collection!

Written by Spencer Byrnes