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An Albatross’s “Get Faster, Cry For Happy”

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Artist:An Albatross
Song:“Get Faster, Cry For Happy”
Album:We Are the Lazer Viking

Try and classify this band. We’re betting you can’t. Whether or not you consider that a good thing or not, An Albatross’s 2003 release, We Are the Lazer Viking, is something worth checking out, if only to broaden your scope on what can be created in the broad artistic medium we call music.

Clocking in at under eight minutes yet featuring eleven tracks, We Are the Lazer Viking can take a few listens to get acquainted with. With squealing, throat-ripping vocals, intense guitar shredding, and micro-grooves that kick you in the gut, it’s easy to go from covering your ears one second, the shaking your hips the next. Featured here, “Get Faster, Cry For Happy” gives a good taste of those flavors, if only taking just over 40 seconds to do so.

If you like what you hear, a quick Youtube search will hit you with the entire album all on one video. Let us know what you think in the comment box below, and as always, let us know what kind of stuff you’d like featured on Our Vinyl’s Song of the Day next week.

Written by Dean Goranites