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Ambulance Ltd.’s “New English”

Song Of The Day

Today’s song is Ambulance Ltd.’s “New English”. This band formed in 2000 near NYC, and technically is still together. However, they have only released 1 album and 2 EPs in that time. Go figure. In “New English” you can hear their swaggering and smooth style. Whether they are playing acoustic or electric, subdued or spicy, they always remain waxy and balanced. Notice the simple vocal chorusing you hear in the background at times, simple and unoriginal, but used to great purpose to better the song. This is a band that has the knack of controlling the simple, a very solid trait for any pop/rock band.

It’s just too bad they haven’t shared this talent by writing more music! Oh well, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this one…

New English by Ambulance Ltd.