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Animal Liberation Orchestra (commonly known as ALO) pride themselves on their genre bending approach to music.

“We’ve never fit into any quickly digestible category” says keyboardist Zach Gill.

The California based group does lean towards upbeat tunes and danceable grooves, enamoring themselves to radio-giant Jack Johnson, who quickly signed them to his record label, Brushfire records. ALO has released four albums through the label since.

“They can improvise and jam as good as anyone I’ve seen,” says Jack Johnson. “But they’ve got these songs that really stick in your head as well.”

ALO has been making music for two decades, with their current line up having been together for over ten of them. In 2010, they released “Man of the World,” produced by Jack Johnson, and then supported the album with what many fans believe they do best – live concerts.

The band has made their name largely due to their engaging live events, where well-structured studio tracks find new life in a jam-band like setting. After amassing a ton of supporters due to their performing style, the group decided it was time to try and translate the experience in the studio.

“We thought, what if we started recording from the get-go,” says Zach Gill, “instead of rehearsing, making songs, and then going into the studio. We decided to start the whole process all at once, with the intention of wanting things to feel really live.”

The finished product is 2012’s “Sounds Like This,” a larger than life album that guitarist Dan Lebowitz credits to the band’s cooperative take to song writing this time around.

“With collaborative writing, everyone’s personal stamp is in the DNA of the song. That makes these songs definitively ALO.”

Animal Liberation Orchestra caught up with Our Vinyl to showcase a few of their songs, always eager to perform their music. Check out our exclusive footage, and let us know what you think below.

You can catch ALO along the east coast this summer, with tour dates listed on their website, here.

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor