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Albert Hammond Jr.'s "In Transit"

Albert Hammond Jr.’s “In Transit”

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When someone first hears about The Strokes, the first image to pop into one self’s head is that of front man Julian Casablancas and maybe those big letters from the Last Nite video. But, like many good things, a key element of the band and its sound often goes unnoticed: we are talking about Albert Hammond, Jr.

One of the two guitarists in the band and, according to Casablancas himself, “the most influential member in the band’s style”, Hammond, Jr. has three solo records under his belt. The latest one, an EP called AHJ, will see the light of day in October 8th. But his solo journey began seven years ago with the little big record Yours To Keep.

One of its singles, In Transit, was taken from an instrumental piece of the same name Albert had crafted for The Strokes and that, luckily, became something else. With the simplicity of his guitar work and a trademarked sound reminiscent of his main project, In Transit sounds way better than many of the last efforts by the aforementioned band.

Enjoyable, down to earth and honest, his debut Yours To Keep is a delightful though short journey through the 2000’s pre indie-boom era. If In Transit made some joy in your ears, give it a listen all throughout: it’s worth it.

And be sure to check out the background every now and then, for you never know which band member of any band could surprise you with his or her next project.

Written by Jorge A. López Mendicuti

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Albert Hammond Jr.’s “In Transit”